How to Correct Gingival Recession with Perioderm (and save your patient's palate)

Perioderm is the latest in a line of grafting products from DENTSPLY/Tulsa Dental Specialties. It is a soft tissue allograft that was used in this case to treat severe gingival recession. Unlike traditional grafts which require harvesting of tissue from the patient's palate, Perioderm has the advantage of achieving a predictable, cosmetic result without the pain and discomfort often reported with palatal grafts. Compared to other allografts such as Alloderm, Perioderm also has the advantage of a shorter hydration period (3-5 minutes), no need for refrigeration, and no addition of antibiotics. This surgery demonstration was performed live by David H. Wong, DDS, a periodontist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has presented this technique internationally and also provides training to dentists wishing to learn about soft tissue grafting."

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